Melanzane alla parmigiana

Many years ago, I had an Italian boyfriend whose mother was the best cook I have ever met.

Mamma liked to cook for me and my favourite was this simple but stunning combination of aubergine, tomato and cheese. No need for spices, here you really only want to taste the ingredients.

Cooking time: ACTIVE 30 min, PASSIVE 4 + 10 min


(for 4 servings) 

One aubergine

250 g mozzarella cheese

100 g parmesan cheese

1 can crushed tomatoes

Black pepper

Salt to taste

1 dl olive oil


Salt the aubergine for at least 5 minutes, then slice it thinly and spread on a baking tray. Cover the slices generously with olive oil and grill in 200 C 4 minutes or until they get a roasted color.

Add pepper and salt into the tomatos and blend until smooth

Grate the parmesan, cut mozzarella in small cubes

Layer tomatos, aubergine slices, mozzarella and parmesan in a medium baking dish, starting with tomato and ending with mozzarella on top.

Cook in 200 C for 10 minutes or until tomato boils and mozzarella has a nice brown color.

Serve with green salad and fresh bread.