Open sushi

Kids are usually pretty conservative and can be really suspicious when it comes to new culinary experiences. Sushi is not the easiest to introduce to young ones, so I though that if they see what they get, they might try it. So instead of rolls, I laid it all open - and they ate. Seaweed was too much, but everything else went down and the 5-year-old even declared that she looooves sushi, especially with soy sauce.

Cooking time: ACTIVE 25 min, PASSIVE 1 hour


(for 4 servings)

250 g Sushi rice

0,5 dl rice vinegar

1,5 teaspoons sugar

 1 teaspoon salt

2 Nori sheets (seaweed)

200 g fresh salmon

 One avocado

 One cucumber

2 carrots

1 dl edamame beans

3 eggs

1 teaspoon black sesame seeds


Boil the sushi rice. Mix vinegar, sugar and salt and pour over rice, mixing it well and letting it cool down.

Cut carrots to long slices and quickly boil them to soften them just a little bit.

Boil the eggs (see Perfect Breakfast Eggs) and cut to four.

Very briefly fry the salmon on a hot pan so that it gets a bit of color but stays raw inside (10 seconds each side is enough). Cut to slices.

Cut avocado and cucumber to slices.

Place a seaweed (nori) sheet on a serving tray, cover it with rice and lay all toppings on the sushi bed.

Serve immediately.