Peach bum's cupcakes

I finally decided to try raw baking and created these super fresh cupcakes which are pretty enough to serve as dessert and nutritious enough to serve as breakfast for champions. Not a bad way to start a hot summer day. Or what do you think?


(4 cupcakes) 

100 g dried apricots

100 g + 50 g macadamia nuts

2 ripe peaches

1/2 banana

20 g cocoa butter, melted

1 drop of vanilla extract


In a food processor or using a Bamix, grind the dried apricots and 100 g macadamia nuts to a thick paste. Using your fingers, line cupcake moulds with the paste.

Melt the cocoa butter. Cut the peaches and banana to pieces. Mix them with all the other ingredients, blending all to a smooth, thick paste. Fill the cupcakes with the paste and freeze for an hour or longer.

Decorate your cupcakes with fresh fruit and serve cold.