Poke bowl with salmon ceviche

Poke bowls are one of THE food trends for 2016 and since at the time of writing this it is still 2016 (next year they will be so last season), I made my own bowl. Not the classic one though: I filled mine with salmon and pineapple ceviche to make it a bit less sushi-like.

Cooking time: ACTIVE 30 min, PASSIVE 2 hours


(for 4 servings)

250 g sushi rice

0,5 teaspoons salt

One avocado

 1/2 cucumber

Ceviche ingredients: see here

Soy sauce


Prepare the ceviche at least 2 hours beforehand.

Boil the sushi rice and let it rest while you prepare the veggies. 

Cut avocado and cucumber to slices.

Cover the base of each serving bowl with sushi rice. Place cucumber and avocado slices on the rice bed and ceviche on top of everything.

Serve immediately with soy sauce.