Salmon filled eggs

These delicious filled eggs can be served as a starter on any festive dinner table. Not only do they look pretty and taste good, they are also quite nutritious. And kids love 'em too!


(for 12 pieces)

6 eggs
75 g cold smoked salmon
2 tablespoons sour cream
2 tablespoons horseradish-flavored cream cheese
1 teaspoon lemon/lime juice
Black pepper
Fresh chives


Boil the eggs hard (see breakfast eggs).

Cut the eggs to half and remove the yolks.

Cut 50 g salmon to small pieces and mix with sour cream, cream cheese, 4 yolks (2 are leftovers and can be used for decoration), lemon/lime juice, pepper, and finely chopped chives.

FIll the eggs with salmon filling and decorate with the remaining 25 g salmon and chives.

Serve cold.