Salmon miso soup

Take the classic nordic salmon soup but base it on miso instead of cream, and through in kale leaves and ginger for added color and nutrition. Result: tasty, healthy, light and fresh salmon soup.


1 litre water
4 large potatos
1 carrot
200 g salmon
3 cm chunk leek
Handful of kale
Organic miso paste
Sushi ginger to taste


Heat the water.

Peel and cut potatos to small cubes, through into hot water and boil for some minutes.

Meanwhile, peel and cut the carrot to small sticks. Add to boiling water.

Once the vegetables are almost done, add miso paste and kale leaves. Mix well.

When soup is ready, add the sliced salmon and turn the heat off. Serve with finely chopped leek and sushi ginger.