Spring rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls are the perfect social food: while enjoying a good white wine or fresh Belgian lambic beer, you chat your worries away and roll, laughing at each others' original creations. It is also a healthy snack, and very versatile: you can fill them with practically anything you find in the frigde.


10 spring roll wrappers

1 dl edamame beans

2 carrots

One cucumber

2 eggs

One avocado

3 tablespoons soy sauce

1 teaspoon rice vinegar


Boil the eggs (see instructions here).

Slice carrots and boil them lightly.

Slice avocado and cucumber, cut the eggs to four pieces.

Mix soy sauce and rice vinegar, place in a dipping bowl.

Soak spring roll wrappers in hot water until soft.

Wrap all ingredients inside the softened wrapper, dip in soy/vinegar mix and eat!