Veggie curry soup

Giving you all the veggies you need in a day, this soup is easy to digest and leaves you feeling nice and warm  


1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1,5 teaspoons mild madras curry powder
1 teaspoon curcuma
200 g sweet potato, cut in chunks
One carrot, cut in chuncks
Half green Zucchini, cut in chunks
Half yellow Zucchini, cut in chunks
5  cm leak, cut in thin slices
150 g cherry tomatos, cut in half
Half of red pepper, cut in small cubes
Half of yellow pepper, cut in small cubes
1 dl green peas (frozen or fresh)
3 tablespoons coconut cream
1,5 teaspoons salt
Fresh coriander, chopped


Cut all vegetables.
Heat oil in a large pan, add curry powder and curcuma, cook in low heat for 2 minutes.
Add sweet potato and carrot chunks, cook for another two minutes.
Add all other vegetables except for peas, cook for 2 minutes with full heat.
Add enouch water to almost cover the vegetables, cook for 10 minutes.
Add coconut cream and peas, cook for 2 minutes with full heat without cover.
Add salt and taste. Serve with fresh coriander.