Veggie lasagne

I am not at all sure if you can even call this lasagne, but I do anyway. No meat sause, no bechamel… but pasta, three cheeses, and a lot of veggies. Does name matter if it tastes good? I think not!



(for 4 servings)

4 fresh lasagne plates (if you use dry pasta, precook it)
Half a zucchini
Half an aubergine
200 g cherry tomatos
Half a pepper, red /yellow
100 g cream cheese
2 tablespoons pesto
125 g mozzarella cheese
50 g parmesan cheese
0,5 dl olive oil


Cut and grill the vegetables in 200C for 15 minutes in a pan well coated with olive oil. Pour oil generously on the vegetables too.

Mix cream cheese and pesto and mix with grilled vegetables.

Layer vegetable-cheese-pesto mixture, mozzarella pieces, and grated parmesan in a lasagne dish and cook for 15 minutes in 200C.

Serve after 10 minutes with salad.