Cooking with kids

Small children are perfect learners and eager to help. There is absolutely no reason to place them in front of the TV while parents cook! Take your time, let them help and you will have a wonderful experience together. During this quality time your children will develop their food knowledge, vocabulary, fine motorics, and learn how to finish an important task you trust them to do - including cleaning up.

 I have cooked / baked the recipes listed beow with my daughters when they were 2,5 and 5. Skills develop with an individual pace so try what works with your children - I bet you will be surprised by how much they can and want to do.

So what can children do in the kitchen?

  (based on my experience, no scientific proof)

2 1/2 years + Move chopped items from the board to the pan; Clean up

4 years + Mix dough; Chop soft veggies with a round tip knife (parents must overlook)

5 years + Measure ingredients; Bake cookies; Fill cupcake forms

Never let small children handle hot pans or work near the oven.