I know it hits me this time of year... and no, I definitely do not think that nothing tastes better than skinny feels, but proper, healthy food never hurt anyone. The point is to FEEL GOOD -  here recipes for feeling light and looking fab.

Bikini body is a feeling, right?

Feel Good Food.

I accepted a challenge: for two weeks, eat only food which my body loves and can digest easily. Purpose: to balance my body, to make me glow, to feel light. 

Having been fairly hooked on sugar I wanted to give it a go. So for two weeks I only ate foods which you can find below (plus nuts and veggies). 

Results? I still think of sugar but can say no (this is a major achievement!). My tummy is happy and I feel light, every day. I think I lost a kilo or two (my estimate is based on mirror reflection).

I want to share my recipes in case you too want pretty and enjoyable food which makes you feel light, FEEL GOOD. They are now the backbone of my food diary, my go to whenever I feel that I have been eating too much of the wrong stuff and want to find balance.

Breakfast and between-meals

Protein pudding, coconut yoghurt & blueberries

Salads & Soups

Lamb's lettuce, eggs & pine nuts

Insalata caprese & broccoli

Easy tomato salsa

Warm meals

Beets, goat cheese & thyme rucola oil

Grilled red bell pepper, feta ja and tomato butter

Salmon salad

Quinoa, beets and feta

Sides and Flavour

Good fish or organic chicken deserves classy side dishes. Steamed broccoli, fried pak choi, zucchini, or kale, and grilled bell peppers are my favorites, and then I add the flavor: a good dressing, tomato butter, or hummus. Here are my favorites.

Lime & coriander oil

Tomato butter


Vietnamese dressing

Grilled garlic aioli